Reconsidering conventional wisdom about personal finances in light of the vast changes which have transformed earning, spending, investing, and credit over the past generation.

“Rewards Checking” Accounts: a Marketing Gimmick Worth a Second Look

Rewards Checking” accounts are an attractive option for anyone seeking a better return on their liquid funds who doesn't mind using their debit card several times a month.

Choosing the Right Credit Cards Part 1: Purchase, Loan, and Revolving Cards

 This article will the first in a series devoted to helping readers select credit cards best suited to their needs.
Choosing a credit card can be a daunting process. Since no card is best for all types of credit card use, it pays to think through just how new credit be used. Credit cards can be categorized based on how well they serve three distinct purposes.

Home Equity Lenders Slash Open Credit Lines: the Problem and how to Cope

The Problem in a Nutshell. Home equity line of credit (HELOC) lenders are sharply cutting line limits, often without warning or notice to their borrowers.

2.99% fixed rate credit card loans at Pentagon Federal Credit Union: Take that Credit Crunch!

From time to time, will review financial products and services that we think offer exceptional opportunities to our readers. The first in this series covers an offer announced in May 2008 by  Pentagon Federal Credit Union.

Why Rethink Credit?

The core elements of personal finance include earning, spending, investing, and credit.  All these have changed substantially over the past generation.  But credit has been the most radically transformed, over both over past decade and then during the past year.  What are the generally recognized "rules" concerning the use of personal credit?

The Growing Importance of the Personal Finance Game

In an earlier era, most financial relationships were simple. A client would bring their business to a (usually local) financial institution. They would be quoted a “price” for services needed (deposit rates, loan rates, service fees, et cetera) which would change only occasionally.


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