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PenFed Visa Replaces Life-of-Balance with Limited-Time Transfers

We've covered Pentagon Federal Credit Union's tremendous Visa Cards exensively. We regret to note that their longstanding "life of the balance" promotional rate offer on these cards have ended. In effect, one of the last exceptional unsecured loan options available to prime borrowers has been cut back subtantially.

Update to PenFed 5/5: watch that 5-year CMT rate

Last month we wrote about the great new 5/5 HELOC offering from Penfed. Since then, we've seen unprecedented moves by the treasury to to forestall the credit crisis.

5/5 Home Equity Line of Credit: PenFed does it again!

As regular readers know, we're huge fans of Pentagon Federal Credit Union here at RTM. They not only give members many of the best financial deals available anywhere, but they're regularly innovating, offering new products that just make sense.

“Rewards Checking” Accounts: a Marketing Gimmick Worth a Second Look

Rewards Checking” accounts are an attractive option for anyone seeking a better return on their liquid funds who doesn't mind using their debit card several times a month.

2.99% fixed rate credit card loans at Pentagon Federal Credit Union: Take that Credit Crunch!

From time to time, will review financial products and services that we think offer exceptional opportunities to our readers. The first in this series covers an offer announced in May 2008 by  Pentagon Federal Credit Union.


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